Digitize your screening and limit legal liabilities

Swiff's screening allows employees to submit a questionnaire in just 30s before work, from their phone. Combined with our wellness and tracking we help limit your Covid-19 liabilities.
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Rise up to the challenge

Getting back to work sooner and smarter than your competition will give you a massive advantage.

Covid-19 screening to prevent the spread in your office.


Employee wellness support to protect their mental health.


Employee work tracking to make data driven management decisions.


Inaction is Costly

Failing to take the proper measures has a real financial cost to your business.
Just 30 seconds per day can save you over $100k in legal liabilities alone.*


Sanitization Cost


Workers Compensation


General Tort Liability


of revenues

Productivity Decrease


of revenues

Employee Mismanagement

How it works


IT IS THE LAW! In most jurisdictions this is no longer optional, you must do it. Swiff's digital screening saves you time and money without needing to print hundreds of paper copies per day or risk your health using a communal tablet.  Learn More →


Many employees are working remote or without consistent contact for the first time. The lack of daily routines, limited social interactions and lack of work/life balance can harm their mental wellbeing and productivity. Learn More →


Without the ability to observe employees at work, you need data to make fair management decisions. Poor decisions can negatively impact team morale and ultimately your bottom line. Learn More →


Trusted around the world

No matter the industry, team size or where they work; teams use Swiff to get back to work.
CEO @ Vulcanus Engineering Limited

"Absolutely indispensable"


Choose a better way

Swiff's is currently in a preview release sign up now to get an exclusive invite.
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* Swiff's screening function is intended to provide you with information as to employees who may potentially carry the virus. Having the Swiff application does not guarantee that you won't spread the virus and it does not guarantee that legal action won't be taken against you. What Swiff does is demonstrate a basic level of diligence and attempts to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on your employees and to reduce the likelihood that it will be spread in your office. Swiff should be used alongside other tools such as personal protective equipment or guest sign-in systems. Even in combination with other systems, it may not provide complete shielding from legal liability.