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A Social Distanced Celebration: 5 Ways To Transform Your Quarantine Birthday

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

These are unusual times that we are living in. Locked up in the house, being required to stay 6 feet apart from people. Holidays have started to feel like just another day. These conditions may make us forget the things that are really important, like BIRTHDAYS! Birthdays come once a year and are the day when that person feels like the king/queen of the world. However, during quarantine, one's birthday may simply just blend into the rest of the days of the week. In this post, we will recommend and explain five different ways to make your social distanced birthday celebration even more special.

Drive-by Celebration

  1. This is one that lots of people have been doing simply because of how easy yet effective it is. All that's needed for this is to gather some close family and friends in the surrounding area and tell them to make some signs and just drive by the house. It's almost like a parade! People blasting music from their cars, balloons fluttering in the wind, all while the birthday boy/girl stands on his/her front lawn smiling from cheek to cheek. The birthday brigade can make a couple laps around the property to really try and convey their message.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!

  1. The platform that we have all become too familiar with during this period of self-isolation can now be used for play, not just work. Similar to the drive-by celebration, send out a time for everyone to coordinate and join a Zoom video chat call to celebrate the birthday! People can buy their own party hats and wear them, sing together, hold up presents they intend to send, the possibilities are endless.

Group Movie

  1. Since all movie theaters are closed and everyone has really been limited to utilizing streaming platforms for their film watching mechanisms, group movie streaming has become a viable option. Third party platforms like Netflix Party as well as Kast allow multiple people to watch the same movie at the same time from different locations. This is an excellent way to spend your birthday with your friends even if you can not see them in person. Sharing laughs, fears, and sometimes even tears will bring y'all closer together in a time when it's so easy to feel alone.

Livestream a Virtual Concert

  1. Before the pandemic affected the world, tickets to a music concert would have been a perfect gift for someone for their birthday. However, since that is not a possibility at this current moment, the wonderful age of new technology allows people to view these same concerts from their homesteads. Billboard has a website with a constantly updated list of concerts upcoming during quarantine which is great to keep an eye on.

Last But Not Least, CHILL!

  1. When it comes down to it, the birthday boy/girl can do what the birthday boy/girl wants. If you want to make an at home spa day, go ahead! If you want to eat cake for breakfast and a NY strip steak for dinner, go ahead! No one will bat an eye because it is your birthday after all. Just enjoy it!

I hope that some of these ideas have inspired you to "amp up" you or someone that you know's birthday.

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