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Mental health while working from home

Mental health is as important as physical health. The last few months brought massive change for us. We never thought that working from home will be challenging for us. It was a pleasure to work from home for people but unfortunately, now it’s becoming stress, fear, and anxiety for most of the people.

All over the world, people are facing uncertainty and different challenges every day whether it is emotional, financial, social, work-related. During these tough times of COVID-19, we must have to focus on our mental health which would make you more focused, organized, and productive for work. Specifically, for employees, it becomes very tough to do productive work without a good mental condition. Nowadays, every person is being a multitasker in different ways. There are certain things mentioned below will improve your mental health and helps to focus on your tasks. It will bring you a good and balanced life in this uncertain situation.

Talk to someone you trust – “Find helping hand”

Share your feelings to someone you trust is the first and foremost step that you can take towards improvement of mental health. Your mental health doesn’t stay the same. It fluctuates over time as per the situation but at some point, if you feel challenged for your daily tasks and routine work then you should take care of yourself. It is always good to talk to someone you feel comfortable with. A simple conversation releases your tension and stress. 

During this tough time, we all are facing unpredicted challenges like layoffs, productivity issues, financial crisis, social distancing, change in schedule, use of technology, and many other things. 

Do connect with your friends or colleagues twice or thrice in a week and talk about your work, your feelings, your state of mind, what challenges you are facing, and so on. If you don’t want to talk about yourself then ask your friend to tell you about himself. This is the way where you can easily relax from the bundle of thoughts that you are carrying every day in your mind.

Casual meetings with team members – “Let’s get together”

Casual talk with your colleagues also creates a good healthy environment. You can invite your team members to get together on a zoom call and have a casual meet up. Your goal is to create a connection and try to engage with others which would help you to step out of your fear or anxiety zone. 

Ask others and listen to them. Listen to others is also an essential thing because sometimes you will relate your situation with theirs and you’ll feel good that you are not alone in this situation. Casual zoom meetings bring more fun and through that, you get a chance to know more about your team members.

These meetings will help you to be yourself and feel free to talk about your interest areas, hobbies, the experience of work from home, what challenges did you face, etc. Show off your creativity. Your creativity represents your skills and talent. Discuss it with your buddies and ask them. Sometimes it opens the door of new opportunities for you. Stay connected with them. So, you would better know about your surrounding and you feel good and happy.


Everyone likes compliments. Start with yourself. Compliment yourself for your work and what you have achieved, every day. This way you feel good about your work and you might work more energetically than before. Try the same technique with people around you. Appreciate your friend or colleague or anyone who is doing good and working hard. You will make them happy.

Activities to distract from negative emotions

To relax from stress and anxiety, meditation is the best way to release those strong negative emotions from your mind.

Give yourself half an hour for meditation. If you don’t like meditation, then you can listen to calm music and sit with your eyes closed which would detach you from the mental burden. You can do any activities which you feel right for you like yoga, exercise, walking, cycling, painting etc.

Listen to your inner self, spread happiness around you and take care of your surroundings.

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