• Sanjana Rahman

Nurturing Employee Productivity and Morale Through COVID-19

As COVID-19 creates new uncertainties with work opening and closing as the rise and fall of cases keep shifting, business leaders and employers must be mindful of the impact it has on the mental health and morale of their employees. It is imperative to take into account how the disruption could affect both productivity as well as morale.


Here are some ways to support your employees through COVID-19:

  • Flexibility is Key. Managers and leaders should take into account how working from home could affect the day to day tasks of someone who might have to also take care of their children during the day. With schools closed and childcare options very limited, parents need to juggle both professional and personal lives at once. Creating flexibility in completion of tasks and hours could really boost effectiveness in getting work done with high standards.


  • Mental Health Support. It can feel isolating to work away from co-workers and feel a sense of purpose while completing tasks alone at home with no one to bounce ideas off of. It is important to create a sense of community with regular communication and taking a pause to reflect. Video calling and spending a designated time every week to catch up could help with a sense of camaraderie and boost morale as well as productivity.


  • Safety Precautions. If your workplace is open to work in person, it is crucial to have safety precautions to ensure the well being of employees. This could be done using tracking and screening tools like Swiff. It can help with the hassle of keeping up with individual employees while ensuring all employees who are coming into work feel safe and confident.


  • These are 3 ways employers can help support employees feel confident in the work they are doing through COVID-19. These are some changing times and it is an opportunity for leaders and businesses to showcase that they are there for their employees and solidify the relationship. Supporting employees through this tough time could help with their productivity as well as morale in the future as they keep working for the organization.

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* Swiff's screening function is intended to provide you with information as to employees who may potentially carry the virus. Having the Swiff application does not guarantee that you won't spread the virus and it does not guarantee that legal action won't be taken against you. What Swiff does is demonstrate a basic level of diligence and attempts to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on your employees and to reduce the likelihood that it will be spread in your office. Swiff should be used alongside other tools such as personal protective equipment or guest sign-in systems. Even in combination with other systems, it may not provide complete shielding from legal liability.