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The New Normal: Employee Compensation

Nobody was prepared for a pandemic. Nobody is preparing for the new normal.

Despite many businesses being decimated, millions of jobs lost, and cries from world leaders for businesses to get serious, nobody seems to be preparing for life after Covid-19.

This article will help you understand that in the new normal, you do need to make changes and you do need to be prepared.

The Province of Ontario in Canada was one of the first to start hearing employee compensation claims for injuries related to Covid-19. At the time of writing, there are 32,000 cases of Covid-19 in the province and 3,257 Workplace Safety and Insurance Board claims that have been allowed against employers in the province. That means that 10% of all people who were infected with Covid-19 have been successful in claiming against their employer. This is the new normal.

When some additional context is provided, these numbers get worse. 82% of all cases of Covid-19 took place in long term care homes. This means that the 10% of cases filed against employers were actually all from a small 18% of the population that doesn't live in long term care homes. Looking at it from that perspective 55% of all people not living in long term care homes successfully submitted claims against their employers. This is the new normal.

The new normal is one where you are not only liable for an employee being physically injured by a manufacturing mistake, a wet surface, or a missing barrier. It's one where you are liable for an invisible decease entering your workplace and simultaneously infecting your entire team.

If any of your employees have already had a case of Covid-19, it is more likely than not that they can successfully claim against you. We in no way claim to be legal experts and do think that you should consult with your attorney, but it does seem clear to us that mitigating these risks should be a top priority for your business.

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* Swiff's screening function is intended to provide you with information as to employees who may potentially carry the virus. Having the Swiff application does not guarantee that you won't spread the virus and it does not guarantee that legal action won't be taken against you. What Swiff does is demonstrate a basic level of diligence and attempts to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on your employees and to reduce the likelihood that it will be spread in your office. Swiff should be used alongside other tools such as personal protective equipment or guest sign-in systems. Even in combination with other systems, it may not provide complete shielding from legal liability.