• Liam Gill

The New Normal: HSE UK Mental Health Requirements

For those in the UK, did you know that HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has just made it a legal requirement for you to have mental health protection systems in place? This is an expected shift in the new normal.

The Health and Safety Executive in the UK has recently added a new section to their website on the response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. As they look to move towards the new normal, they have deemed that it is the legal obligation of all companies to have the proper systems in place to support the stress problems that many UK workers are facing.

Specifically, one of the criteria for judgement is whether you have changed the environment of the worker. If you decide to change their environment (by sending them home due to a global pandemic) then you must provide support to help them deal with the stress of that change.

Of interest to note is that the headline on the HSE website is that this is a legal requirement. This is different from many other Covid-19 related posts which simply outline suggestions. In the new normal it was expected that there would be an emphasis on regulating mental health support, the UK seem to be one of the first western nations to formalize this requirements.

As companies such as Canada and the US adapt to the new normal it will be interesting to see if an app like Swiff also becomes a legal requirement.

As always, this is not legal advise and we advise everyone, especially those dealing directly with any legal regulations mentioned to contact their attorneys to ensure that they are complying with all relevant laws.

Welcome to the new normal.

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* Swiff's screening function is intended to provide you with information as to employees who may potentially carry the virus. Having the Swiff application does not guarantee that you won't spread the virus and it does not guarantee that legal action won't be taken against you. What Swiff does is demonstrate a basic level of diligence and attempts to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on your employees and to reduce the likelihood that it will be spread in your office. Swiff should be used alongside other tools such as personal protective equipment or guest sign-in systems. Even in combination with other systems, it may not provide complete shielding from legal liability.