• Liam Gill

The New Normal: Regulating Workflow

With more and more workers now working from home, it is important to have systems in place to help regulate their workflow to support their mental health and improve productivity.

Did you know that a 2017 UN survey showed that 41% of all remote workers suffered from mental health issues? Imagine what that survey would show as we enter the new normal in the midst of an economic crisis, global pandemic, and social isolation.

It is becoming increasingly important that you have in place systems to support the day to day workflow of your employees. Not only does this improve their mental health but it also improves their productivity.

When hearing sentences like that many managers will call it bullshit. If they can't see a problem then one cannot exist. The WHO did a survey last year that found that US businesses alone lose up to $500B annually to decreased productivity from mental health issues.

Let's put it in financial terms. If you have a remote worker who works half as hard because they aren't feeling well. Your 50k a year salary you pay them suddenly become $25k in wages and $25k wasted. The logical solution? Pay $10 a month for a service like Swiff that can help them improve that productivity. Suddenly you are paying $120 a year and getting an additional $15k of work completed. That is a good investment.

The new normal will see changes in how businesses are run and in the hierarchy of businesses. If you want to rise above the competition and win then you need to embrace change and adapt to the future.

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