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Time to think before being multitasker

Nowadays, we are more likely to do multiple tasks at a time. Work from home makes us multitasker somehow and we are feeling good about it. Right? We think, being multitasker is a productive way to do work efficiently. It is important to define the amount of work that you can do effectively. Ability to multitask is one of the required skills in the job descriptions.

While working from home, people started doing multiple work tasks during weekdays. It sounds productive work, right? Yes, why not but plenty of proven research on multitasking tells totally different story. Multitasking is a switching among the tasks which reduces our productive and drags down our ability to learn new things. It sounds surprising, right?

Further information will bring more surprises and facts to you. Further information will give you better understanding about how and in what ways multitasking affects our productivity.

  • Distraction

More than one task will definitely distract you from the focused work. When you do multiple tasks at a time, your attention is divided among different type of thoughts and it will lead you to distraction and being unfocused. At any point, if you feel distracted and off track then take a time to get back your brain on track and think what you really need to work on. This usually happens in our life but the major reason behind the distraction is variety of tasks that you are doing. For example: If a person is attending a zoom meeting and writing an email to someone then he might make a mistake somewhere because our mind works best with one activity at a time.

What to do if you have more than one task?

Remote working adds up more tasks to our lives, nowadays. But, don’t worry if you have multiple tasks to do. The very first thing you need to do is prioritize them. Prioritize them from most important to least important. Every work is important whether you have scheduled conference call or have to send an email to your teammate. First, make a list of tasks and give priority to them which would help us to be attentive and focused throughout the day. By prioritizing the task, it gives you the clear idea to accomplish your goal for the day.

  • Quality or Quantity?

Quality or quantity, we are confused to which one should be more important. I would say both are important if we know how to balance them. We are doing variety of things while shifting from normal to new normal. If you do have a choice to do work at different pace then go for it but if you don’t have option and have a short amount of time then define your work boundaries which means give dedicated time to specific tasks and avoid doing other tasks to provide your 100% attention to it. We have understanding that the amount of work (Quantity) defines our achievement.

What would happen if you give priority to quantity of work?

You would give your 100% attention to task completion throughout the day which would impact on your ability to learn, increase stress level, quality of work might be compromised, and you might feel tired during work.

What would happen if you give priority to quality of work?

You would have limited amount of work for certain time. While working for certain task, you would work focused and attentive way which improves quality of work, decreases stress, and take lesser time to complete work. Over the time, you’ll be able to balance quality and quantity at the same time.

  • Ability to learn

Multitasking has seen as a great ability of a person to work productive and most of us sees as a great skill. Apart from work, it affects many areas where it does not seem productive as we think. It affects our learning ability, stress level, quality of information, attentiveness, and outcomes.If you’re multitasker then you might not have time to learn new skills and you’ll find it difficult to learn because your mind isn’t ready to take new information, or it will not last for long time.

Key points to balance your work:

  • Prioritize task every day

  • Define short term goals

  • Make a schedule according to your task priority

  • Create tasks (Swiff)

  • Stay focused to work

  • Make a list of dos’ and don’ts

  • Keep track of time

  • Compare your work with “YOU”

  • Take short breaks to boost your energy (Swiff)

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