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Tips we should follow to be more productive at home

Productivity is an essential element for any employee. At some point, we all want to be more focused and productive to achieve our goals whether it’s long term or short term. During this tough situation of COVID-19, it is mandatory for employees/workers to work from home. Initially, everyone was feeling good about it but then it became boring and less productive due to many distractions. Distractions like, social media, kids, food, television, and many others. We all are trying to adjust in this sudden situation and finding ways to keep everything on track. Working from home might be dream of many people and now it becomes reality. So, it is important to know the different ways which helps to improve productivity at home.

There are certain proven techniques to stay productive and focused but here are some ways which supports you to work as productive as you are at workplace.

1. Be a planner

It is very easy to say someone to make a schedule and follow but it is difficult to follow when you are working from home. It is also essential to start your day with the planning. Without planning, you’ll end up your day by wasting your time or may be distracted by time consuming social media. Your daily schedule should be feasible. Don’t be hard on yourself. Try to follow it but if you don’t then try even harder next to day to keep on track.

2. Motivate yourself to stick to your schedule

Motivation is another essential thing which we really need to make ourselves remind about our daily goals or desired goals. One couldn’t work efficiently if he/she is not motivated for their work. Motivation could be anything like,

· You can stick your daily planner in front of you

· Make a to do list and check it if it motivates you

· Listen to motivational speech in the morning

· Remind yourself desired goal

· Put some motivational thought surrounding your workstation or on your desktop screen

3. Have a setup for workstation

When you are working from home, workstation plays a good role to make you productive. The feeling of being at work motivates you to be more productive and filled you with the energy. You can make a set up looks like workstation at home where you’ll work every day. Put necessary things nearby which will save your time and use supportive things for your back while you’re working from home.

4. Schedule every task with a specific time

By limiting time to your task makes you more focus towards your work. Time limits keeps you focus and concentrated. So, it is good to make a schedule and give time limit to all the task throughout the day. If in case, you’ll not able to do that then don’t be stressed. Try to finish your other tasks on time.

5. Relax yourself through short breaks

Short breaks boost your energy. We need some distraction to freshen up our mind and feel relaxed. It would definitely improve your quality of work. Constant working nature doesn’t make you productive. It impacts on quality of work in long term.

6. Me time

Here “Me time” means you can do whatever you want to do to make yourself free from work. Refresh and energize yourself for your next tasks. You can do many things in this leisure time like,

· Watering your plant

· Spend time with your pet

· Listen to your favorite music, read a book

· Take a power nap, take a short walk

· Do breathing exercise to calm yourself

· Have a coffee with a colleague and talk etc.

These are some examples to draw your attention towards your interests. It’s your time, do whatever makes you feel good. Divert your attention from the work for some time.

7. Restrict yourself from social websites

During office hours, it should be necessary to stay away from social media. Unintentionally, it consumes so much of your time than you know. It is okay to go and scroll social sites but it’s not okay if it’s consuming most of your time. The habit of checking social media slowly eats up your energy and makes you lazy for remaining task. So, be aware of your time and keep record of your work.

8. Respect your time

Don’t take your time lightly. Think about things you would rather do if you are not doing work. You are putting all those things aside to do your work productively. Then, it is our responsibility to respect our every second and do not waste it. Utilize your every second efficiently and make it worth.

9. Check list

Nowadays we have many apps to do check list. Either you can use an app or make a check list manually to track your progress. It reminds you that how you are doing and where you stand in terms of progress in your work.

10. Cleanup surroundings for the next day

Organized and clean workplace gives you a positive vibes for work. Every day, try to clean up and rearrange everything on your desk to start your next day with full of energy. It provides you fresh start of the day.

Simply follow these things everyday to be more productive and focused while working from home.

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