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Former Silicon Valley executives personally outfitting and installing houses with the best smart home kit to increase their sale value
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Increase in Property Value of Smart Homes vs Equivalent Homes


Percentage of Realtors who Believe Smart Homes Sell Faster

Our Unique Offerings

1. We install in under 1 week
2. We use easy to replace components for customization by new owners
3. We provide a custom 'cheat sheet' to help your realtor show off all the breathtaking features and smart home benefits in the house
4. We provide you a custom brochure to share with buyers outlining all smart home features
5. We use a dedicated smartphone to control homes for easy viewings

Our Packages

All Prices are based on an average two bedroom, two bathroom house.

Choose to be smart

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Stats provided on this are quoted from this article. Service times are dependent upon the delivery of hardware. All homes must also have an existing internet connection that can be used to setup and connect all smart home devices.